Winter Royalty
Wrapping paper designed for Giftiply, in partnership with It Gets Better Project. Giftiply produces recyclable wrapping paper and cards from recycled materials, and 33% of the purchase price goes to designated charities. 
I was contacted to complete a rush job repeatable pattern exemplifying the joy and diversity of drag. Each figure is a fictional collective representation of stylings taken on by kings, queens, and nonbinary performers.
Mummy Pharaoh - King Card
King face card as a part of a set of monster-themed playing cards, with the original traditional ink piece.
Tea-serving robot from a heavily commercialized future, inspired by lolita fashion, fine china, yokode kyusu, and Star Driver.
Detective Perch Olmstead
Merman noir detective who uses mechanical legs and a portable water circulation device to travel on land.
Ju - Style Matching Exercise
A personal project to represent the same post-apocalyptic alien character in radically different styles.
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